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Green Concrete Premium Diamond Blade Diamond Blade Fuego Supreme Multi Application Concrete  Diamond Blade
Green Concrete Diamond Blades are designed for aggressive cutting of very abrasive materials, such as green concrete. Their narrow U-Slot gullets quickly and efficiently remove debris to provide faster cutting action. The Premium Green Concrete Diamond Blade will offer hard metal undercut protection to prevent segment loss and extend blade life. The Green Concrete Diamond Blade is ideal for high speed saws and walk behind saws up to 20 HP for cutting green concrete. Wet use.

Fuego Diamond Blade it is Premium undercut protection allows for this all purpose diamond blade to be used in green concrete and asphalt materials. Their functionality makes them one of the most popular of all the blades. These diamond blades deliver optimum performance and extended blade life with a 12mm Diamond Segment. This diamond blades are high speed power saws and masonry saws for cutting block, cured concrete, green concrete, asphalt, block, pavers and brick. Dry and wet use.

Supreme Grade Designed for all types of materials including: asphalt, green concrete, cured concrete, reinforced concrete, concrete pipe w/ wire mesh, concrete roof tile, masonry, marble, granite, brick, block, limestone, sandstone, slate, terrazzo, ductile iron pipeā€¦.